Now the cost of servicing your Triumph Tiger Explorer can be built into the purchase price.

Triumph has become the first motorcycle brand in the South African market to offer a service plan, with the help of sister company LiquidCapital, which specialises in mechanical warranties, and tyre and rim insurance.

The LiquidCapital service plan, offers customers the choice of taking one, two or three-year plans up to a maximum of 30 000 or 48 000km - depending on the Triumph model.

Triumph Motorcycles SA brand manager Arnold Olivier pointed out: “Many Triumph owners don't realise that no matter how low the distance they ride in a year, they still need to have their bikes serviced annually to keep the manufacturer's warranty in place.

“Now the Triumph service plan will cover these annual services.”

Pricing varies for the different options available and customers will have the choice of adding the service plan to their existing finance agreements to allow them to 'spread' the amount over the finance term (subject to bank approval), which will help them to budget for services by paying monthly and avoid rising future costs of services.

The service plan is also available for existing Triumph owners, as long as their bikes are less than two years old with less than 18 000km on the clock.