2013 Volvos are squeaky clean

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 12, 2012

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Volvo has introduced a new diesel engine, along with a host of subtle upgrades, for its 2013 S60, V60 and S80 models but the big boasting point is that all diesel models in these ranges will have CO2 emissions figures of less than 121g/km. To put this into perspective, the much smaller Ford Fiesta 1.6 diesel emits 117g/km.

The new engine in the range is a 2-litre, five-cylinder turbodiesel that puts out 101kW and 350Nm. Models with this engine will wear the D3 badge and will be available with both manual and automatic transmission. The D3's official CO2 figure amounts to just 114g/km in the case of the S60 and S80 and 119g/km in the V60.


The three Volvos also receive a technological shot in the arm with some new driver support systems being available.

These gadgets make life both safer and easier, with the Road Sign Information device displaying road signs in the instrument cluster and the Active High Beam technology automatically switching between high and low beam at the right moment.

Volvo is also offering a tunnel detection system that automatically turns on the headlights when the car enters a tunnel.

Other running changes include the availability of new five-spoke 18-inch alloys on all three cars and 11-spoke 17-inch Saga wheels for the S80.

The 2013 models are expected to reach South Africa around September this year but the new D3 engine is still under evaluation for our market.

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