The five guys and four girls - all between 18 and 24 - did all the work themselves.
The five guys and four girls - all between 18 and 24 - did all the work themselves.

265kW Golf GTI built by apprentices

By Staff reporter Time of article published May 18, 2012

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It's not so much a car as a statement of intent in black and red.

This one-of-a-kind Volkswagen Black Dynamic GTI, complete with a 265kW TSI engine and lowered sport suspension, was built by nine VW apprentices from four disciplines in only seven months.

Special features include hand-cut GTI badging in the doors and hatch, and a nine-speaker, 1800 watt sound system under a specially made plexiglass cover in the boot.


The five guys and four girls - all between 18 and 24 - did all the work themselves, from the sport seats upholstered in black-and-red Alcantara and leather, the interior door trim with decorative red seams and the metallic black exterior finish combined with flat grey film trim to the engine, which tuned are tuned to produce an extra 110kW, and the oversized exhaust system and the eight-piston brake system.

They designed the modifications, selected parts from the VW model range were they could, negotiated with suppliers where they couldn't, and assembled the car themselves.

“Where else do you get an opportunity like that?”

Apprentice automotive mechatronics technician Martin Schmidt, 22, was responsible for stamping the GTI lettering in a deep-drawing process.

He said: “We have learned so much, developing our own ideas and implementing them in 'our' car.”

Professor Heiko Gintz, head of vocational training at Wolfsburg, said: “We are proud of the creativity of our apprentices - that's why we give our best trainees the opportunity to extend their knowledge with projects such as the GTI Black Dynamic.”

The Golf GTI Black Dynamic will be seen in public for the first time this weekend at the 31st GTI Festival at Reifnitz on the Wörthersee in Austria, attended by about 150 000 Volkswagen and custom-car fans.

ROLL OF HONOUR - the Black Dynamic team

Charleen Pohle (19), Interior constructor

Sarah Unverzagt (20), Paint technician

Laura Krätz (18), Paint technician

Christian Wolter (23) Paint technician

Lisa Batke (19), Automotive mechatronics technician

Roman Huck (24), Automotive mechatronics technician

Richard Neubert (18), Automotive mechatronics technician

Martin Schmidt (22), Automotive mechatronics technician

Tim Köhler (19), Process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology.

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