While most Audis have been EuroNCAP tested, some (like the R8 shown here) have not. This applies to most car companies, but trouble arises when salesmen claim that the entire range is five-star rated.

London - Audi has been accused of making false claims about the crash testing of several of its cars.

Salesmen said all its models boasted five-star ratings in Euro NCAP tests.

But its R8 sports car, as well as its A5, A7 and A8 models, have in fact never been tested.

Car rental entrepreneur Daniel Jenkins, 25, bought an Audi R8 in 2012 based on the claims. But a few months later, he became suspicious after his father was involved in a serious crash.

Mr Jenkins, from Wiltshire, checked online records for Euro NCAP - considered a gold standard in motor safety - and discovered the Audi R8 had never been through the tests.

He contacted the BBC’s Watchdog programme, whose investigation found eight out of ten Audi showrooms made the misleading claims.

Audi has accepted staff were in the wrong and apologised for the error.