The Audi RS 7 has made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show. It shares its 412kW twin-turbo V8 with the RS 6 Avant.
The Audi RS 7 has made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show. It shares its 412kW twin-turbo V8 with the RS 6 Avant.

Audi has given its new twin-turbo V8 a sexier outlet by dropping it under the bonnet of the A7.

The engine recently made its debut in the practical RS 6 Avant and in RS 7 guise the numbers remain exactly the same.

This means Bahnstormers with an affinity for Audi's coupé-like five-door can look forward to a 3993cc direct injection twin-turbo V8 credited with 412kW from 5700rpm and 700Nm from 1750rpm.

The twin-scroll turbochargers produce up to 1.2 bars of relative boost pressure and they're located (together with the intercooler) in the 'inside V' of the cylinder banks.

305km/h is ‘optional’

According to Audi, it'll be good for a 3.9 second zero to 100km/h sprint and a governed top speed of 250km/h. If you're willing to part with more cash, however, they'll lift the limit to 305km/h.

Official fuel consumption is listed at a rather optimistic 9.8 l/100km average, but a glut of fuel-saving technologies - including cylinder deactivation - should at least make it less catastrophically thirsty than previous RS models.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox with paddle-shift functionality and under normal circumstances the Quattro all-wheel drive system sends 60 percent of the power to the rear wheel and the remaining 40 percent to the front.

A sport diff for the rear axle is optional, and this uses two superposition gears to actively distribute the power between the rear wheels as deemed necessary.

However, this super-hatch was designed to achieve the best balance between handling and ride quality and to that end it has an adaptive air suspension system that adjusts the suspension's behaviour in accordance with the driver's selected mode and the condition of the road.

As with the RS 6, those not keen on air suspension can opt for a firm sports suspension, which still comes with Audi's dynamic ride control system.

20-inch alloy wheels are standard on the RS 7 and if, for some reason, you think they look lost in the wheel arches, a set of 21-inch rims is optional.

Watch the reveal: