Not even aggressive marketing in China could save Daimlers monumental misfit.

The axe has finally fallen for Daimler's monumental misfit, as the Maybach limousine becomes a museum piece.

It's been an open secret that Daimler AG had decided to put Maybach out of its misery as long ago as November 2011 - after a proposal to re-invent the brand as a joint venture with Aston Martin fell apart (thank goodness) under its own weight - but nothing official has ever come out of the Stuttgart media mill.

Until today - and even now Daimler won't admit publicly to its biggest failure of modern times.

Instead, we get told obliquely in the latest price list, which says 'Discontinued' next to all five models - and quotes prices slashed by as much as €80 000 (R800 000) to get rid of the left-over cars.

You can now pick up a top-of-the-range Maybach Landaulet for only €1 120 000 (R11.2 million) or an entry-level 57 for a bargain €304 500 (R5.05 million) - while stocks last.