The Drift Mob pitched the five red Beemers sideways in perfect formation every time.

Cape Town - Recently we brought you behind the scenes footage of the shooting of the BMW Drift Mob, as the Blue Propeller Boys unleashed four of the world's best competitive drifters and a top Hollywood stunt driver on the streets of the CBD in identical M235i coupés for a beautifully choreographed automotive ballet that took a week of intense rehearsal to perfect.

In the end, however, it came down to little more than a day on set as the Cape Town Metro cops closed the circle at the bottom of the Heerengracht, in the city centre for a Saturday afternoon and most of the Sunday.

The tension was electric, the pace intense.

But when ringmaster Riley Harper yelled "Go!" into his handheld radio the action was spot on every time, as drifters Samuel Hubiette from Sweden, Rhys Millen from New Zealand, Dai Yoshihara from Japan and Texan Conrad Grunewald, along with Fast and Furious stunt star Rich Rutherford, pitched the five red Beemers sideways in perfect formation.

We've had to wait more than a month for the final version of the video, but we think you'll agree that it's worth the wait. Check it out below, along with some exclusive 'making of' footage of the shoot and an astonishing sequence of Rhys Millen playing tag with the crew's helicopter at nearby Killarney racetrack.