M135i Concept has more than 225kW on tap

BMW's M135i Concept shows us that BMW is developing a super hatch and also gives us our first look at the 1 Series three-door body shape.

This design study is reportedly a thinly disguised version of the M Performance 1 Series flagship that will hit European streets before the end of this year.

BMW hasn't yet divulged any specific power or performance data as yet, but has said that its straight six Twin Power turbopetrol engine shoves more than 225kW through the back wheels. To put that into perspective, the 135i Coupe was good for exactly 225kW and the Ford Focus RS mustered 224kW. So the 'more than' is really up to our imagination for now.

Hailing from the new M Performance division, which sits between the traditional M Division and BMW's ordinary line-up, the M135i boasts uprated suspension, 18-inch 'M' light alloy wheels and an M sports braking system.

Although its basic body shell will be shared with future lower-powered 1 Series three-door models, the M135i stands proud with its own concoction of bespoke design features.

For the record, these include an 'M design' front apron, larger front air intakes, Ferric Grey mirrors and a bolder rear apron that houses dark chrome twin tailpipes. The concept also has frameless windows.

The Concept will make its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March.