Virtual concept will be test driven by million of Playstation gamers worldwide.

Fifteen years down the (virtual) road from the launch of the iconic Gran Turismo video gaming franchise for PlayStation, BMW has conjured up a futuristic concept car specially for Gran Turismo 6.

The Gran Turismo racing simulation game - first released in 1998 - features an extensive line-up of true-to-life circuit reproductions, authentic cars and outstanding graphics, and it's where the BMW Vision Gran Turismo will come to life.

This 'virtual concept' blends signature BMW real-world styling DNA with the design freedom inherent in a virtual car, featuring aerodynamic elements derived from BMW's real-life experience on the race track in an authentic driving experience.


The Vision Gran Turismo underlines BMW's ongoing involvement in the world of gaming. The increasing prominence of the video game market - with its active gaming community - allows concepts such as Vision Gran Turismo, as well as classic and current BMW models, not only to be seen as moving images, but also to be 'driven' by millions of people.

BMW brand communication vice-president Andreas-Christoph Hofmann said: "Gran Turismo 6 offers a creative platform for a BMW design developed exclusively for the game.

"The Vision Grand Turismo is our way of congratulating Sony on the 15th anniversary of the Gran Turismo franchise, and we look forward to the feedback of the gaming community."

Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi commented: "I was really impressed by the amount of thought BMW put in, not only on the look of the car but also their consideration for real-world internal structures and mechanical components."