M235i power is up from 240kW to a screaming 279.
M235i power is up from 240kW to a screaming 279.
M235i power is up from 240kW to a screaming 279.
M235i power is up from 240kW to a screaming 279.

Aachen, Germany - When BMW's 1 Series coupé morphed into to the new 2 Series earlier this year, the earnest, white-coated gentlemen at tuning haus AC Schnitzer, saw it as a beginning, not an end. They know from experience that for most BMW enthusiasts there is no such thing as too sporty.

So they've developed no less than five performance upgrades for the Beemer Two, starting with an export-only kit for the 220i that ups output from 135kW to 180kW.

The M235i gets an even bigger kick up the tailpipe - from 240kW to a screaming 279 - and that's without the optional oversize (520 x 210 x 130mm) intercooler that provides 80 more air contact surface and 62 percent more charge air volume than the standard item, for more consistent power delivery on long, hard autobahn runs.


Schnitzer hasn't, with kits to take the 218d from 105kW to 126kW, the 220d from 135kW to 160kW and the 225d from 160kW to 190kW.

But when you've reached this level of performance, you want to be heard, so there's a choice of either Sport (loud) or chromed Racing Evo (louder) dual tailpipes. For purely visual enhancement, however (if you live in a gated community, say) you can have just the chromed 90mm end trims, in either style.

There's also a choice of suspension kits: the spring kit merely lowers ride height by 30-40mm, the sports suspension kit adds uprated dampers and anti-roll bars, and the racing suspension is adjustable for both compression and rebound damping.


These include a front spoiler for M-Technik models, mirror housings and a rear diffuser for the M235i - all in carbon fibre - as well as a roof spoiler and rear skirt film, set off by a range of alloy rims in 18, 19 and 20" diameters.

There's also a range of interior trim elements including a gear-lever knob with a digital gear display, an illuminated leather gear-lever knob or an aluminium 'Black Line' gear-lever knob with matching aluminium handbrake handle, pedal set and foot rest.

Cockpit sets the mood with strokes of brushed aluminium, sports seats with red seat belts, and sports steering wheel and pedals.