It will be a long time before we can show you a picture of the new Cruze, but reports indicate that it will have a front end inspired by the new Impala large sedan, shown here.

Chevrolet has announced that there is a new Cruze coming but besides the fact that it will be built in the USA and offer new styling outside and in, better fuel economy and an improved interior with more storage space, the GM division is not shedding much light on the next-generation of its popular sedan range.

However, Automotive News is reporting that this new Cruze will ride on an all-new GM platform and that it will feature Chevrolet's new 'face' as seen on the front end of the latest Impala large sedan.

The next Cruze is expected to go on sale in the USA in late 2014 but it's too early to speculate on any possible dates for South African introduction.