Teaser sketch shows the side profile of new Chevrolet Spin, an affordable people carrier with macho undertones.

A new Chevrolet model is about to lend new meaning to the phrase “going for a spin.”

Yes, Chevrolet has announced a new compact MPV called the Spin, although the shadowed teaser image you see here is as much as they're going to reveal about its design for now.

The Spin appears to be aimed at developing markets. It'll be launched in Brazil later this month and then in Indonesia and other markets later on, although GM has not specified whether South Africa is among these.

This “wide-stance” people mover was given what GM believes is a muscular design, in order to evoke SUV associations, while it still focuses on practicality with an interior that seats up to seven people.

The company also promises “car-like handling” which we find quite reassuring given the car's name.

GM has been quite sparing with the vehicle's details and the mechanical highlight appears to be that it offers the only six-speed automatic gearbox in its class. It'll also be “affordable to purchase and own” according to GM Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson.

If nothing else, this new Chev could draw crowds as a more stylish alternative to the Nissan Grand Livina and Toyota Avanza.