Chevrolet CODE 130RS Concept
Chevrolet CODE 130RS Concept
Chevrolet CODE 130RS Concept
Chevrolet CODE 130RS Concept

The Toyota 86, along with its Subaru BRZ twin, have opened up a new market for small, back-to-basics rear-wheel drive coupés and soon those seeking driving pleasure on a budget could be faced with an American alternative.

According to Australian website, the man who heads up GM's North American division, Mark Reuss, wants the company to build a compact RWD Chevrolet.

Such a model hasn't officially been given the green light, but Reuss told the Aussie publication (which is already fantasising about a possible Holden version) that it is definitely on his wish list.

If the Stateside boss gets his way, the production car will almost certainly take much of its inspiration from one of our favourite cars of last year's Detroit Motor Show - the Code 130R Concept that you see in the accompanying pictures.


With boldly flared wheel arches and an upright profile, the 130R salutes the muscular Chevrolets of yesteryear, as does its rear-wheel drive configuration.

It might need a little more tinkering under the bonnet though, the concept being powered by GM's 1.4-litre turbopetrol with a mere 110kW and 200Nm on offer. While that might be fine for the entry-level model, we imagine they'd be looking at some of GM's bigger engines to flesh out the range and Opel's new 147kW 1.6T motor would at least match the Toybaru's 2-litre boxer motor.

In our view the biggest threat to this Chevy RWD project may be the curvy front-wheel drive 140S coupé concept that was shown alongside the 130R.

Both concepts were dreamed up with the youth market in mind and it's seems they're being played against each other. GM is currently engaging with this demographic by taking the two cars to numerous motor shows, campuses and various events.

Our bet is that at least one of them will spawn a production car - but will our youthful friends take a liking to the 130R's rear-wheel drive entertainment potential or are they more interested in the interior gadgets?

See the Code 130R Concept on video:

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