Spin offers macho style, seven seats and an affordable price tag. May be SA-bound.
Spin offers macho style, seven seats and an affordable price tag. May be SA-bound.

Chevrolet is intensifying its invasion of the developing world with this new compact MPV called the Spin.

These first official pictures make it clear that Chevrolet is wrapping a relatively macho style around MPV dimensions just like it did with the Orlando. Except the Spin is aimed at the bottom reaches of the people-mover market where it appears to be a natural rival to the likes of Nissan's Grand Livina and Toyota's Avanza.

The Spin was designed and developed in Brazil and is destined to be sold on various South American and Asian markets. As for its potential South African introduction, all our GMSA contact is prepared to admit for now is that it's one of several exciting possibilities being considered for SA.


Available in both five-seat and seven-seat configurations, its cab-forward design maximises occupant space within its 2620mm wheelbase. GM is also boasting of 23 different seating combinations and there's a loading capacity of 1668 litres if all seats are folded down.

Powering the front wheels through either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission is a 79kW 1.8-litre EconoFlex engine that appears to be the same as that used in SA's Chevrolet Utility. An 81kW ethanol-powered version will also be available on the Brazilian market.

According to GM Brazil's Vice President Marcos Munhoz: “The Spin will address the need in a segment that is becoming more popular.

“With its unique design, versatility and value for price proposition, Spin will be one of the most popular new products from Chevrolet this year.”