The Chevy concept car based on an upcoming animated movie, Turbo, about the aspirations of a snail to become the best racing driver in the world. The car is sure to raise the testosterone levels of all petrolheads.

Everybody loves a classic underdog story, but a snail making the cut at the Indy 500?

Well, that’s the plot of a new animated movie called Turbo, set for release this year, and to promote the film, producers DreamWorks have done up a 2013 “Turbo” Camaro in a way that will have even the tiniest toddler’s testosterone pumping.

This concept car started life as a Chevy Camaro in ZL1 spec, but was then given a make-over of Hollywood proportions.

The DTM-style front splitter is big enough to make a locomotive blush, and the goliath supercharger sprouting out of the hood is reported to push power output into the 520kW range. The Turbo Camaro’s aggressive stance is also exaggerated with a set of 24” alloys, 10” wide in the front and 15 at the back.


The film Turbo, which is already being compared to the popular Cars flicks, is set to become another one that adults can enjoy with their kids.

Among a long list of celebrities who provide voices for the film are Snoop Dogg, who plays the part of Turbo’s mate Smooth Move, and Samuel L Jackson, who plays another snail named Whiplash.

The tale of Turbo the snail, and his dreams of becoming the greatest racer in the world, will be released in South Africa in September. - Star Motoring