Citroën wackiness reaches SUV realm

By IOL Time of article published Apr 8, 2015

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By: Jason Woosey

The new Aircross concept translates Citroën's latest wacky design ideas into the all-too-fashionable SUV format.

In fact, tone the proportions down a tad and you probably have a good idea of how the firm's upcoming mid-sized SUV will look.

The concept's design was clearly influenced by the C4 Cactus, but takes a more muscular approach. As Citroën puts it, the vehicle was styled to “convey an air of confidence, but without the feeling of arrogance or aggression.”

Even the 'Airbumps', first seen on the Cactus, have been adapted to SUV requirements, being fitted lower down and created with a highly absorbent aluminium honeycomb structure.

This concept also has what they call 'Air Signs', which are those chrome-finished signatures surrounding the rear windows. Besides lending some unique style, they form an aerodynamic air tunnel.

Citroën's description of the cabin reads like a brochure from an overpriced wellness spa, but the gist of it is that practically everything, from the striking colours to the broad seat design, was purpose-created to sooth your body and invigorate your mind.

The vehicle is fitted with two 12-inch high-def screens, one of which can slide across the dashboard so that it can be viewed by more than one passenger. What’s more, each seat is fitted with microphones and speakers to "encourage dialogue between the occupants." Which might not necessarily promote wellbeing, come to think of it.

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