C-Elysee is built tough for North African roads.
C-Elysee is built tough for North African roads.
C4 L is a lounge version of the C4 for markets where a chauffeur is seen as a status symbol.
C4 L is a lounge version of the C4 for markets where a chauffeur is seen as a status symbol.

Citroën is stepping up its efforts to become a world player with two new C-segment models, each targeted at high growth international markets such as the Mediterranean basin, China and Russia.

The C-Elysée is a straightforward, robust C-segment sedan for the Mediterranean basin, while the C4 L is a 'lounge' version of the C4, styled in China for the Chinese and Russian markets.


The C-Elysée is first and foremost a family car, with somewhat conservative styling, generous rear-seat accommodation and a seriously large 506-litre boot. A broad range of comfort features, from air conditioning with digital readout to an MP3 audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, will be available.

Depending on the market, it'll be available with the new VTi 72 engine, a 53kW, 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbopetrol. Chassis design, including specifically suspension clearance and protective guards, has been tested all over the world, under all sorts of driving conditions, to ensure reliability, particularly on rough North African roads.

The C-Elysée will be built in Spain and launched in Turkey, Spain, Central Europe and Algeria at the end of 2012.


The C4 L is the first production car from the Shanghai style centre, intended as a prestige offering at the top of the C segment, with an exceptionally relaxing ride and standard-setting onboard comfort.

Elegant lines are highlighted by light signatures at the front and rear, and a long wheelbase affords lounge-like rear accommodation (important in China where a chauffeur is seen as a major status symbol), with wraparound seats, backrests that incline to 29 degree, and head restraints specially designed for comfort.

It'll come with keyless entry and start, touch-screen GPS, a reversing camera, a heated windscreen and an air ioniser.

Motivation will come from (depending on the market) the 100kW 1.4-litre VTi 135 turbopetrol or the PSA/BMW 1.6-litre turbo in 110 or 125kW tuning, in either case mated to a six-speed auto transmission.

The C4 L will be built in the markets where it's sold, with production starting ion Wuhan in China by the end of 2012 and Kaluga, Russia in the first half of 2013.