What the Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats do best is shred rubber, anywhere, anytime.
What the Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats do best is shred rubber, anywhere, anytime.

Dodge SRT Hellcats in epic burnouts

Time of article published Jan 2, 2015

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Detroit, Michigan - This, believe it or not, is an official Dodge video release - a "That was the year, that was" compilation for the 2014 Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat models.

Each, as you'll doubtless remember, has a supercharged 6.2-litre Mopar V8 rated for 527kW and 880Nm, runs the standing quarter-mile in 11 seconds dead and, given a long enough straight, will hit 328km/h.

But what the two SRT Hellcats do best is shred rubber - anywhere, anytime, just put foot and push blue smoke - and Dodge, to its eternal credit, has been politically incorrect enough to put together this celebration of Hellcats doing just that.

Nice one, gentlemen!

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