Eric Clapton with his one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP12 EC.
Eric Clapton with his one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP12 EC.

Iconic British guitarist Eric Clapton is universally known as Slow Hand - but what's not so widely known is that he's also passionate about fast cars.

In particular, the Tears in Heaven singer's favourite is the classic Ferrari 512BB, of which he's owned three over the years.

So when Clapton got together with the engineers from Maranello and top stylists from Pininfarina to create a one-of-of-a-kind special based on the 458 Italia, there was never any doubt that it would be a homage to Clapton's love for that model.

He and Pininfarina paid particular attention to the proportions of the hand-crafted body, building the shape up note by note, like a guitar solo, to produce the achingly beautiful, utterly unique creation you see here.

Even the car's name is unique.

SP for Special Project, 12 for the 512 that inspired and EC for the man who was the driving force behind the project from its inception to the finished car.

And what does Clapton think of the result?

"Following this project through from what was essentially a blank canvas, was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done."

Enjoy your car, Mr Clapton. It is indeed a thing of beauty; may it be a joy forever.