This is what happens when a 612 Scaglietti argues with a cast-iron lamp post, and loses.

The big surprise about this accident is not that it happened in Moscow - there are plenty of Ferraris in Moscow, most driven by nouveau riche tenderpreneurs whose previous transport was a Lada Niva - or that the 612 Scaglietti broke in half on impact.

Bang it hard enough against a 170-year-old cast-iron lamp post and even a T55 tank will come apart.

It would appear that the point of impact was just ahead of the driver's door, causing the front sub-frame mountings to let go, taking the engine and the entire front end of the car (except for the right front fender) with them, while the rest of the car ricocheted back into the road.

No, the big deal is that, of the four people in the car at the time, only the driver suffered minor injuries. The three passengers walked away without a scratch between them, with nothing more than a headache and an amazing story to tell.

Gold star to Ferrari for that one, we reckon.