By: IOL Motoring Staff

Berlin, Germany - For those of us who feel that a Ferrari 458 simply isn't exclusive enough, MEC Design of Berlin - best known for a series of outrageous styling exercises based on Mercedes-Benz AMG offerings - has come up with a body kit for Ferrari's iconic mid-engined supercar it calls 'Scossa Rossa'.

That literally means 'shaken red' but in Italian, 'scossa' can also mean shocked, in the electrical sense


You decide. The kit includes a three-piece front lip spoiler, spoiler corners or 'winglets' for the air intake, side skirts and side-skirt extensions, and a three-piece rear diffuser with underride protection.

The body components are available separately, or as a kit for €6900 (R98 500).

The demo car is fitted with 21" meCCon CCd5 rims in gloss black with matt-black centre and Ferrari Yellow bolts, shod with 245mm front and 345mm rear tyres, but MEC is able to supply a variety of custom rims ranging from 20-22".


The Berlin Blingmeister can also do a suspension kit that lowers the 458's ride height by as much as 60mm, a sports 'auspuff' ominously labeled 'Apocalypse', matt black tailpipe tips, matt black wrap for the front bumper wings and inner sections, blacked-out indicator lenses and all-black door-lock covers and badging.

Bespoke carbon-fibre interior trim includes a CF/leather trimmed steering wheel, a six-piece fascia trim, a three-piece centre console (including air outlet), four-piece inner door panels, an LED interior lighting kit, two-tone Ferrari sill plates and, of course, special MEC-branded floor mats.