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Ferraris star in spectacular desert video

Dubai - Ferrari captures two California T convertibles against the crimson dunes of the Rub' al Khali - the Empty Quarter - in this spectacular video, shot over 24 hours, from sunrise to sunset. Pure car porn.

2 February 2016 | Ferrari

Watch Ferrari F40 flat out on farm roads

Heveningham Hall, Suffolk - New video from supercar hooners TaxTheRich shows the Stig's aristocratic nephew sliding and understeering a Ferrari F40 through (and sometimes over) a gymkhana set-up on the muddy roads around the estate's farm buildings - hence the title Farmkhana. But this is not just any F40; it's the sixth pre-production prototype, which was converted to 435kW twin-turbo GT racing trim by Michelotto in Padua and recently restored to priceless concours condition - not that TaxTheRich gives a damn about that.

22 January 2016 | Ferrari