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Ferraris star in spectacular desert video

Dubai - Ferrari captures two California T convertibles against the crimson dunes of the Rub' al Khali - the Empty Quarter - in this spectacular video, shot over 24 hours, from sunrise to sunset. Pure car porn.

2 February 2016 | Ferrari

Watch Ferrari F40 flat out on farm roads

Heveningham Hall, Suffolk - New video from supercar hooners TaxTheRich shows the Stig's aristocratic nephew sliding and understeering a Ferrari F40 through (and sometimes over) a gymkhana set-up on the muddy roads around the estate's farm buildings - hence the title Farmkhana. But this is not just any F40; it's the sixth pre-production prototype, which was converted to 435kW twin-turbo GT racing trim by Michelotto in Padua and recently restored to priceless concours condition - not that TaxTheRich gives a damn about that.

22 January 2016 | Ferrari

The ultimate girly car: Cornelia’s LaFerrari

Zurich, Switzerland - In the latest of a series of videos about the customers who put their money down for all 499 LaFerraris without even seeing one, the Ferrari Official Magazine introduces us to Austrian painter and sculptor Cornelia Hagmann, who now lives in Switzerland - although in this case the exclusive supercar was a gift from her late husband, businessman and Ferrari collector Walter Hagmann, who sadly died before the car was delivered.

29 December 2015 | Ferrari