Disclaimer: Focus ST shown in picture; the (still secret) RS should look a lot hotter than this...

The hype and speculation about the 2014 Ford Focus RS continues unabated, and the latest rumours point towards a 2.3-litre engine and an output of up to 260kW.

The UK's Auto Express spoke to an engineering manager at Team RS, who practically ruled out using a modified version of the new ST's 2-litre four-cylinder motor.

Len Urwin told the magazine that the division is not keen on bolting a bigger turbo onto the existing motor as this would sacrifice responsiveness and low-end torque.

Auto Express believes that a 2.3-litre version of the four-cylinder EcoBoost turbopetrol engine will form the solution.

But a bigger concern, of course, is how to put 260kW of brute force to the road in a front-wheel drive hatchback.

To that end, Urwin told the magazine that an electronic limited slip differential would be the best way to ensure the optimal traction in all situations. It's going to have to be a very clever system to harness all that power.

Source: Auto Express