Ford in the US would not be allowed to build cars like this.

Ford of Australia is immensely proud of its Ford Performance Vehicles division. It's not like AMG or BMW's M skunk works; FPV builds muscle-cars based on the Australian Falcon model - big-hearted performance cars, the way Australians (and many South Africans) like them.

Put it this way; Ford in the US don't build cars like this because they simply wouldn't be allowed to.

Since 1976, FPV has been operating out of their own premises, which was a less than ideal situation, but now space has been found at the company's Broadmeadows and Geelong plants to set up a new home for what might be referred to as the 'wombat works'.

The Aussie Ford guys are seriously pleased that hot rods such as this 330kW Falcon GT-R with 355 Boss V8 and 'rocking' Harrop Miami supercharger are once again being hand-built in their own back yard, as they were in the glory days before the fuel crisis of 1973.

We're just hoping this means some of them will find their way here - they are, after all, right hand drive.