Cars from Bullitt

Silverstone, Northamptonshire - The epic car chase from the classic 1968 film Bullitt is still hailed as one of the most dramatic, exciting and influential in movie history.

The awe-inspiring, high-speed pursuit featured in the original action thriller was filmed on the hilly streets of San Francisco, but now, as a special homage to the Oscar-winning original, which starred Hollywood legend Steve McQueen driving a Ford Mustang GT fastback, a modern day recreation commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang

Today’s tribute, however, was shot in Britain at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

The remake stays loyal to the visual style and script of the iconic Bullitt chase. It starts with the McQueen character (US police officer Lieutenant Frank Bullitt) in his Highland Green coloured Ford Mustang GT and two hitmen bad guys in an intimidating black Dodge Charger R/T on the streets of a sleepy Silverstone village.

The plot then switches to the Silverstone Circuit where the action gathers pace and reaches a spectacular conclusion with the Mustang forcing the Charger off the track resulting in a fiery explosion.

The modern pastiche is full of nods to the original. The baddie buckles up and wears leather gloves plus black glasses, the Mustang pops up in the Charger’s rear view mirror and there’s even a mysterious green VW Beetle in several of the shots.