The Ford Focus is now the best selling car in the world and the one you see here is the 350-millionth Ford to be produced.

Imagine a line of cars stretching all the way to the moon and back twice. That's exactly what you'd achieve if you defied gravity and stacked every single Ford ever made into a straight line.

The Blue Oval has just celebrated the production of its 350-millionth vehicle, which is the equivalent of having built one car every ten seconds for the last 109 years.

Founded in 1903, Ford led the mass production game with its Model T Ford but surprisingly, as much as 300-million of the total tally were only produced in the last 60 years.

To mark the occasion, Ford made sure that its 350-millionth vehicle was a Ford Focus, which has just become the worlds' best selling passenger car.

According to global data from IHS Automotive, the 489 616 Focuses were sold in the first six months of this year, its nearest rival being the Toyota Corolla at 462 187.