Need for Speed Mustang has a one-of-a-kind wide-body kit with special lights, 22-inch rims and a supercharged V8 engine.

Pretoria - Need for Speed, the world's No.1 driving game with more than 120 million copies sold, has achieved the ultimate status for a video game - it's been made into a live action movie, opening this week.

The film stars Aaron Paul - best known for his Emmy award-winning role in Breaking Bad - as Toby Marshall, who drives across the United States trying to avenge the death of a friend and find redemption for himself.

It's also the first appearance on screen for the 2015 Ford Mustang - expected to be released in South Africa next year - but for most petrolheads the star of the movies in Marshall's car, a modified 2013 Mustang named 'Beauty'.


Director Scott Waugh was raised in a stunt-driving family and learned to drive when he was 12. Now a veteran stunt driver and coordinator, he's worked on movies as diverse as 'Speed' and 'The Italian Job'.

He chose a Mustang GT as the ideal mount for protagonist Toby Marshall in the film, because, as he explained: "The best movie cars combine tons of power, rear-wheel drive, great handling and the ability to be easily flung around corners.

"As we've seen many times over the years - from 'Bullitt' to 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' - the Mustang fits the bill perfectly; it's a car that represents American culture at its best."


For the silver and blue Need for Speed Mustang, Ford engineers developed a one-of-a-kind wide-body kit with special lights, 22" rims and a supercharged V8 engine.

The movie car is not only a runner, it's street legal, and will be auctioned for charity at a Barrett Jackson classic-car sale on 12 April.