2001-2003 Jazz MPVs like this one are among the Hondas affected by the airbag recall.

Johannesburg - Honda SA has confirmed that "a small number" of 2001-2003 model CR-V, Accord, Civic and Jazz vehicles in South Africa are fitted with potentially explosive Takata passenger airbag inflators.

If an affected airbag deploys, it says, the passengers front airbag inflator could produce excessive internal pressure, which could the inflator to rupture, propelling metal fragments upward toward the windshield or downward toward the front passenger's foot-well and potentially causing injury to a vehicle occupant.

Honda SA says it will contact the owners of the affected vehicles and ask them to being their car in for inspection.

If you're worried that you may be driving a Honda with a potentially explosive inflator, contact Honda SA at 0800 466 321 or by email.