Honda has released a sketch of its new Civic Type R Concept, which likely gives us our closest indication of how the production model will look when it hits the scene in 2015.

The design team that created this Type R unashamedly dubs it a "racing car for the road" and it has some interesting design touches, like those taillights integrated into the large rear spoiler.

Thanks to a media track event hosted by Honda last year, we already have most of the low-down on what to expect beneath the bonnet of the new Type R.

Following the move already made by its peers, the hot hatch will adopt turbocharging, while retaining its 2-litre engine capacity.

While not as high-revving as the 8000rpm normally aspirated screamer that came before it, the new engine redlines at a respectable 7000rpm and makes massive power.

According to Honda, the prototype pushes 208kW and 400Nm through the front wheels, but engineers are hoping to squeeze even more out of the production model.

Jesse Adams, of our sister publication Star Motoring, drove the Prototype in Japan last year - CLICK HERE to see what he thought of it.