Teaser image shows very little detail, other than that distinctive profile crease.

This teaser is the first official picture of what Honda is calling “a compact urban SUV concept”, which will be shown in public for the first time at the Detroit motor show in January.

While Honda's media release mentions only a “a sporty and dynamic SUV profile and a spacious, functional interior, the teaser sketch reveals oversized wheel-arches, a fashionably narrow glassed area and a distinctive, sweeping crease in the profile that rises to meet the juncture of roof and C pillar, and will probably become this car's defining feature.


No shut lines are shown in the computer-generated image, and only one door handle, so it's difficult even to tell whether the concept has three or five doors - although the length of the side windows suggests five, possibly with rear-hinged 'suicide' rear doors.

Wrap-around light clusters at both ends are hinted at, as is a very neatly integrated tailgate spoiler. Although it's likely that those bulging fenders over Dakar-sized tyres are likely to lose a little in the translation to metal, we can't help feeling that the concept is closer to production than this image is intended to convey.