This is the only picture Bisimoto has released of the 522kW Hyundai Sonata; mind you, given that if you see it on the street, this is the view you are going to get, it's appropriate.

Fountain Valley, California - What you are looking at, according to custom tuner Bisi Ezerioha, is the most powerful Hyundai Sonata ever built.

How powerful? Try 522kW from a 2.4-litre Theta II four-cylinder mill.

Ezerioha is the head honcho at Bisimoto, which specialises in extracting huge power from Hyundai engines, while keeping them reliable enough to run on the street - like the 750kW Genesis Coupe Bisimoto built for the 2013 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association show in Las Vegas.

This Sonata is Bisimoto's third SEMA co-production with Hyundai, and it'll make its public debut at Hyundai's media conference at the show on 4 November.


Starting with a sleeved block and inlet manifold from Golden Eagle, Bisimoto fitted R&R steel con-rods, Arias forged Pistons, ARP head studs, an OEM cylinder head ported and polished to within an inch of its life by Portflow, Supertech valves and tappets, Web Level 2.4 camshafts and a raft of components specially made by Bisimoto.

It's fed by a Turbonetics TNX 82/64 turbocharger and Spearco intercooler, and breathes out through a stainless-steel Burns exhaust system.

And here's the kicker: it'll deliver the full 522kW on straight petrol, E85, or any blend in between - which gets taken to the tarmac through a Bisimoto-spec Action Ironman Clutch and six-speed manual 'box, running on Progress coil-overs and anti-roll bars, and Fifteen52 18x8 Tarmac rims

"The 2015 Bisimoto Engineering Sonata boasts supercar-beating power, with room for three friends to come along for the ride of a lifetime."

Ezerioha said: "After hundreds of hours of testing, failure analysis and prototyping, 18 new products will be engineered and produced in-house as a package, to deliver 522kW from your Sonata."

To complete the look (this is a show car, after all) Bisimoto covered the Sonata in custom-laminated body wrap and graphics, with a Bisimoto front splitter and Wasp Composites aero kit, while the interior has been tricked out with a Bisimoto roll cage, racing harnesses and AEM wideband gauges.