A group of Hyundai powertrain experts show off the latest turbopetrol engines.

The trend of creating smaller turbocharged engines is really taking off in Europe, but the Korean and Japanese carmakers have been pretty quiet on that front.

Now that's about to change, at least in Hyundai's case. Hyundai has already announced (and on some markets launched) T-GDI direct injection turbopetrol engines in 1.6- and 2-litre guises, but now the range is expanding to include smaller engines.

At the Hyundai-Kia International Powertrain Conference earlier this week, Hyundai announced its new Kappa 1.0 TCI and 1.2 T-GDI engines.

The 1-litre engine misses out on direct injection but it is turbocharged and intercooled, allowing it to produce 78kW. To save weight, the engine has a plastic intake manifold and head cover. Given its output, we'd expect this engine to replace the current normally aspirated 1.4.

No details about the 1.2 have been released but its name implies that it does boast direct fuel injection and it's only logical that this engine will eventually replace Hyundai's current 1.6-litre unit, so its output should be around the 90kW mark.

Hyundai describes these engines as "small yet strong" and as capable of offering drivers "unprecedented driving pleasure."