IOL Motoring Staff

What we're meant to know about the new Intrado concept is that it's more than just a look at how Hyundai's evolving style brush will paint future SUV models from the Korean brand.

According to Hyundai, it's a “vision of how cars will meet future mobility needs.”

It's no coincidence that the Intrado was named after the underside of an aircraft wing, as the concept's advanced materials and technologies also draw inspiration from aeronautics.

Focused on removing unnecessary weight, the Intrado is built around a central carbon frame structure using manufacturing and joining techniques for which patents are pending - meaning all of this is more than just a flight of fancy.

This structure is so strong and rigid that the body panels can be built from practically any material and in this case it's advanced super-lightweight steel.

Powering the concept is a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that's fed by a Li-ion 36 kWh battery. The car, which emits pure water, can be refuelled in minutes and travel up to 600km between refills.

Hyundai is taking hydrogen technology very seriously and already has plans to launch a hydrogen-powered ix35 SUV this year.

The Intrado, meanwhile, remains a conceptual look into the future and it'll be revealed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show next week.