Software glitches can affect anti-lock braking and electronic stability systems.

Chrysler is recalling 132 000 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV's and 10 800 Dodge Ram bakkies worldwide because of software glitches that could affect instrument cluster lighting and braking systems.

These include 765 Grand Cherokees in South Africa.

Chrysler says the Jeep's warning lights can go on and off randomly, and the instrument cluster could black out. That's not too serious, but the same electronic module controls the anti-lock braking and electronic stability systems, which could also be affected - although the company has said it hasn't had any reports of accidents or injuries due to the problem.


In the Dodge Ram bakkies, Chrysler quality-control inspectors noticed that the backlighting on the instrument panel may work only intermittently - which isn't dangerous but can be very disconcerting if it happens at night.

The company is preparing instrument clusters and ABS modules with upgraded software; as soon as these are available, Chrysler SA will advise customers to bring their Grand Cherokees in for repairs. - Sapa - AP