File photo of Jeep Compass.

We've always thought that the Jeep Compass was more about pavement hopping than trail conquering, but a woman in the USA has taken that notion just a bit too litereally.

Some time ago, the impatient Jeep driver in Cleveland was caught driving on a pavement to get around a stopped school bus on two different occasions.

The bus had been loading and unloading kids and the footage (as you'll see below the story) was taken from the bus.

Now the judge dealing with her case in the Cleveland Municipal court has come up with a rather creative punishment.

In addition to being slapped with a month-long licence suspension, the driver has been ordered to wear a rather embarrassing sign around her neck while standing at an intersection during a busy hour on two specific days.

The sign will read: “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”

Now imagine doing something like that to SA's taxi drivers…

Watch the woman's antics in the video below: