The two facts that will clinch this cars status even if it never goes into production are already out there.

This low-slung wild-cat is the GT4 Stinger concept, destined to star on the Kia stand at the upcoming Detroit motor show.

Designed at Kia's American Design Centre in California, the GT4 Stinger 2+2 coupé sports the latest version of Kia's signature 'Tiger Nose' grille, just a few centimetres off the road.

The surround glows white and is flanked by vertical LED headlights, front-brake vents funnel cooling air around 20" rims while a carbon-fibre front splitter mounted below the bumper provides added downforce.


The GT4 Stinger (which is a runner, by the way) has a turbocharged two-litre engine that delivers a claimed 232kW to the rear wheels.

Kia won't give details of the transmission or specific performance details - but the two facts that will clinch this car's cult status even if it never makes it into production are already out there: 235kW and rear-wheel drive.

Say good night, Toyota GT 86.