Johannesburg - It seems a little out of character for any car company to create a platform that could potentially lead to it getting some negative publicity, but Kia South Africa is confident enough that its cars deliver exactly what they promise.

That's why it has selected a new review system for its customers that operates independently of the company and which, according to Kia, is 100 percent unedited.

Billed as a first for South African car brands, the 'Reevoo' system aims to offer full transparency to Kia drivers and potential buyers.

It works like this: buy a new Kia and within one or two weeks of taking delivery you'll be sent a review request, allowing you to submit a few words (good points and bad points) and score the car in number of categories.

All reviews and aggregated scores will be posted on the Kia website. Simply click on the model you're interested in and look for the Reevoo link on the right hand side below the main picture.

The Reevoo section also allows you to interact with other Kia owners by asking or answering questions.

The system does allow Kia to respond to each review, however, which it says is a way of offering extra info and advice.

Kia says the initiative will also provide valuable feedback for the company: "By allowing drivers to categorise who they are (e.g. a commuter) and say what they like or dislike about the car, not only do we have our drivers telling us how they feel but it allows us to be honest with ourselves about what we offer."


We asked Kia whether customers would be able to submit reviews further down the line and voice their opinion on things like dealer service. Kia’s marketing director David Sieff responded with the following statement:

“Ownership is typically a 3/4 year journey. So yes its not just about the honeymoon period. In light of this we will have ongoing survey's during the lifetime of the customer, specifically where the dealer will be rated within the after sales arena and things like running costs and parts availability being measured.

"We intend to keep asking the customer about their experience which includes the actual vehicle, but the view on the vehicle is inextricably linked to the service from the dealer and ability to keep the car on the road. As long as the customer is engaging with a Kia dealer we will measure all facets and continually look at where we can improve.

"We are in fact looking at Reevoo to drive our entire CSI ratings going forward. For now its about getting the process started.”