To find out what this gun-toting granny has to do with the Range Rover Evoque, you'll have to watch Land Rover's interactive online video "Being Henry".

Land Rover has branched out into film-making with the launch of "Being Henry", an interactive online video about choices, starring Leo Fitzpatrick from "The Wire" and featuring TV presenter Louise Roe, chef Peter Evans, music producer Sergio Cerruti and DJ Greg Kozo.

Filmed in Los Angeles, it's based on the "choose your own adventure" style of storytelling and takes you on a wild journey through a city in which you decide the outcome of the story. With nine different storylines and 32 unique endings those choices - and their consequences - eventually result in the creation of your "subconscious" perfect Range Rover Evoque.

The story begins with its hero Henry, an everyman-type character who has to make various decisions during his journey that lead him into different realities. You soon realise you're in control of those decision as a voiceover guides you through the film and presents you with a number of life-changing choices.

Will Henry choose to shoot rats with Granny? Or will he be kidnapped then tortured with a harpoon gun? That's up to you - the film translates the choices you make on behalf of Henry into "your" perfect Evoque.

You can Be Henry at