Bentley's first SUV is set to become a royal ride.

London - Queen Elizabeth II  will be first in line to own Bentley’s new sought-after 4x4, it has been revealed, as she prepares to ditch her iconic green Land Rover.

The Queen was apparently bowled over by the 300km/h Bentayga after she put a prototype through its paces at her Balmoral estate a few weeks ago. The Bentayga, which costs £160 000 (R3.3m), is said to be the “the most powerful, luxurious, and exclusive sports utility vehicle in the world”.

The vehicle features a six-litre twin-turbo-charged engine, and will be used for hunting expeditions at her sprawling Scottish estate, replacing the stripped-back green Land Rover Defender that she normally favours.

As a British Royal Warrant holder, Bentley presented the Queen with a Bentley State Limousine for her Golden Jubilee in 2002, and she also has a Bentley Mulsanne in her fleet.

This week Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer confirmed that the Bentayga has received Royal assent, saying: “We’ve reserved the number one car for her.”

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Daily Mail