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Lexus Hoverboard hits the ramps

Welcome to the Hoverpark, where skateboards go straight back to the future. Lexus has responded to criticism that its futuristic 'supercool' Hoverboard only works on magnetic surfaces (which is true, since it uses a simplified form of maglev, or magnetic levitation) by building a skateboard park completely surfaced with magnetic materials - Marty McFly, eat your heart out!

5 August 2015 | Lexus

Pro skater checks out Lexus Hoverboard

No, this is neither movie magic nor CGI trickery; the Lexus Hoverboard is real, it works (within limits!) and professional skateboarder Ross McGouran checks it out in this video. The limits are that it only works above a magnetic surface - you can't ride on water - and the steam you can see coming out from under it is actually liquid nitrogen vapour. The superconductor that makes the magic happen only works at -196 degrees Celsius, making this (literally) the coolest gig on the block.

16 July 2015 | Motoring