Masarati's last mid-engined car was the fire-breathing MC12.

Maserati has a new mid-engined sports car on the stocks that could put the GranSport name back out there with a bang.

Company boss Harald Wester told Evo magazine that the car would be built on a carbon-fibre tub - “like the Alfa 4C” - but with the familiar 338kW, 4.7-litre V8 engine mounted longitudinally, like a Lamborghini, rather than transversely as in the diminutive upcoming Alfa.

That would stretch the overall length to about 4400mm, not far short of the Ferrari 458, but extensive use of the light stuff would keep the weight down about 1200kg, compared to the 458's 1500kg - which would give it Porsche-eating performance without a 911-sized price tag.


Webster also dropped broad hints about a possible turbocharged version, and said he would like to think Maserati could sell 1500-2000 a year.

Maserati's current performance flagship, the GranTurismo, will cease production in 2014, so the new GranSport could be released early in 2015.

If it gets the green light, that is. At this stage the new GranSport is no more than a proposal - but by 2015 Masearti will be in dire need of some fresh 'wow' factor, and this could just be it.