Mazda MX-5 just keeps on going.

The Mazda MX-5 is best known for Guinness Book of World Records entry as the world's best selling open two-seater, having sold more than half a million in over two decades of production.

Now it's added another winning number to those two - a very small one.

In its annual reliability survey of more than 50 000 cars What Car? magazine has confirmed that the MX-5 is the most reliable car in Britain.

MX-5's built since 2005 recorded a failure rate of just four percent.

That’s the lowest of all cars in the 2012 survey, compared to the next open-top competitor at 15 percent.

They also scored a reliability index of only eight (the lower score, the better the car), while the national average score for individual models was 100.

The survey calculates a car's reliability index from several factors - the number of times it breaks down, the cost of repair, the average time it spends off the road being fixed, its age and mileage.

According to the survey, MX-5's also had the lowest repair costs with an average repair bill of only £165 (R2100).