Armoured Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard is designed to withstand military rifles and grenades splinters.

Stuttgart, Germany - Twitchy executives needing bulletproof protection will be glad to hear that Mercedes-Benz has launched the armour-plated version of its new S-Class.

Providing all-round VR9-spec protection to captains of industry, the S600 Guard is certified by Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation. It will resist rifle-fire from military-grade weapons and ward off splinters from hand-grenades and other explosive charges.

The S600 Guard offers reinforcement integrated into the bodyshell and underbody at production, along with thickened glass and runflat tyres.

Mercedes-Benz promises this more-secure S600 will be hardly distinguishable from its siblings.

The 390kW/830Nm V12 under the bonnet ensuring quick getaways should a situation turn nasty and, to compensate for the extra weight, the armoured S600 gets bigger brakes, tweaked air suspension, and is governed to 210km/h.

Other S600 Guard exclusives include a panic alarm system, an automatically-activated fire extinguisher, emergency fresh air system protecting occupants from smoke or gases, and hydraulic power for the heavy side windows.

Pricing and local availability are yet to be confirmed by Mercedes-Benz SA, but we suspect that politicians are salivating to place an order. - Star Motoring

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