By: IOL Motoring Staff

Bottrop, Germany - If there's anybody who can squeeze a bit more blood out of an AMG stone it's specialist tuning haus Brabus, which has been making Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Daimler cars Go Much Faster since 1977.

So we were interested to see what Brabus could do with the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG, which is already a hooligan tool of note as it comes out of the Affalterbach skunk works.

The result:

The CLA45's two-litre turbopetrol four gets an extra 29kW - from 265 to 294 - and 50Nm - from 450 to 500. According to Brabus, that knocks two-tenths of a second off the car's 0-100 sprint time, from 4.4 seconds down to 4.2.

Customers can opt to leave the car's 250km/h electronic speed limiter as is, or ask Brabus to reset it to 270. Your choice.


Brabus' aero kit for the baby AMG includes a new, deeper front valance trim, a roof spoiler and a boot-lid spoiler, with splashes of bright crimson trim on the grille and mirrors, matching the trim elements on the 19” five-twin-spoked Brabus rims.

There's more crimson trim inside, where practically every surface has been covered with Brabus' favourite material, alcantara synthetic suede.