David Coulthard in the AMG SLS Roadster accelerates past golfer Jake Shepherd as the latter fires a mighty tee shot.

Former Formula One and DTM driver David Coulthard has been involved in some strange stunts since retiring from active competition, a large proportion of which seem to take place on a certain ex-RAF airfield in Surrey that now houses a BBC TV motoring series which shall remain anonymous to protect innocent Stigs involved.

But this latest one, also at the abovementioned airfield and captured on video as part of a viral film for Mercedes-Benz UK, borders on the insane - which is not to say it was easy.

Coulthard, driving a 425kW Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, accelerated down the main runway up to 190km/h just as professional golfer Jake Shepherd, on a patch of artificial grass alongside the runway, lofted a soaring drive over the tar, that left the pin at an astonishing 285km/h.


Coulthard then matched his speed to the flight of the ball so that it when it came down, it landed in the cockpit of the SLS, 275 metres further down the runway - an achievement not without its hazards, which is why he's wearing a crash helmet in the photo.

But the most incredible part of the whole story I that he got it right at only the second attempt!

Coulthard commented: “This is definitely one of the most unusual things I've ever been asked to do with a car! But Jake was great to work with and the performance of the SLS AMG Roadster made driving to catch a mid-air golf ball even more fun.”

Mercedes-Benz UK marketing director David George is now asking the Guinness Book of Records to recognise a world record for “the longest golf shot caught in a moving car”.