New VW Gol cheapie launched in Brazil

By Time of article published Jul 23, 2012

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When the latest-generation VW Gol (that's not a typo, Gol means 'goal' in Spanish) was launched in Brazil a few years ago, many speculated that it would replace the Citi Golf in South Africa.

Of course, the recycled Polo Vivo happened instead and that, to many, could be seen as a better bet than a Brazilian-designed car - which is, albeit, based on VW Polo mechanicals.

Now VW of Brazil has upgraded its Gol, which has been a top seller there for decades, and it's perhaps impossible to quell rumours that a future VW Gol might one day replace the Polo Vivo over here. A stronger rumour though is that the Gol's bakkie counterpart, the Saveiro, may tackle our half-tonner market one day.

Back to the Gol, however, and the facelifted model you see here will be a big inducer of déjà vu considering how much like the latest Polo it looks at the front end. Its grille is just like our Vivo's while the headlights scream latest Polo.

The Gol is available either as a five-door hatch or four-door sedan and there's a new entry-level 1-litre engine that can run on ethanol. Rated at just 57kW in the latter guise, its 12.9-second 0-100km/h time sounds optimistic - unless they tested it downhill and with a strong wind behind it. Thankfully a 74kW 1.6-litre petrol engine is also on the menu.

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