The more you like this teaser on Nissan social media, the clearer it will get.

This is the first teaser image released by Nissan of the facelifted Juke, due to debut in less than a week (Tuesday 4 March to be exact) at the Geneva motor show.

Usually the internet in general and social media in particular are the bane of a car-company PR's life with leaked, hacked, stolen, spied and just plain imaginary images of every new model going viral in the run-up to a launch such as this one.

Now Nissan's marketing mavens have put a new twist on the old adage “If you can't beat it, use it!” by placing this image of its new B-segment crossover, obscured with a 'weave' overlay, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with the promise that the more people like it, the clearer it will become, up until the day of the launch.

So, what do we know about the new Juke?

Nissan has promised “improved efficiency, advanced technology and greater practicality”, which probably means downsized, forced-induction engines, more efficient constantly-variable transmissions, more electronic gimmicks to distract you while driving and, almost certainly, a hybrid option.

It also says the re-styled Juke will be even more distinctive than the love-it-or-hate-it original.

Note that the teaser image is clearest in the middle of the bodyshell, where it would cost a fortune to introduce even a small styling change, and most obscured at the ends, where a new plastic bumper moulding, redrawn grille and slick new head and tail-light clusters can make a car look completely different for a lot less money.

But all this is pure speculation.

Expect to see an even more pronounced family resemblance to the V6 Murano, especially at the rear, which seems, even in the teaser, to have a more pronounced 'bustle' than its predecessor (shades of the Megane 'Shake It!) and around the headlight area, where the 'knobby' upper headlight segments are likely to be smoothed out for a sleeker appearance.

Check out the picture on Nissan's social media, click on like and see what you can see.