The Nissan Juke-R on the streets of Dubai.

Nissan's mad-dog Juke-R concept will be made available in a very limited production run on a build-to-order basis.

The 3.8-litre, 260km/h Juke-R attracted enormous attention when it made its global debut in Dubai in January - including three firm orders (two of them from a high-profile and well-respected member of Dubai society) for a car which Nissan was insisting would never be built!

So now Nissan has agreed to build more Juke-Rs on request and will be taking orders for the next four weeks, before production starts in earnest.

The original Juke-R was based on the 2010 GT-R running gear, but the 'production' versions will have the improved chassis and drivetrain of the 2012 GT-R; Nissan says the first three will be delivered in the third quarter of 2012.

“People were making offers for the original on the street!”

Juke product manager Gareth Dunsmore said: “The Juke-R was originally intended as a one-off concept, but the reaction we had to the car in Dubai was amazing.

“With such a strong reaction, and with three genuine offers on the table, we decided we had to make the car a reality. We can't let down enthusiasts who are this keen to add to their collection of cars.

“The Juke-R has become something of a phenomenon and I'm enormously proud of the impact it has had.”


Nissan has also launched an online movie starring the Juke-R.

Desert Nemesis follows Nissan GT Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez, as he takes on the world's best supercars in a thrilling street race, reminiscent of the Need for Speed movies.

Award-winning film director, Rob Kaplan, captured the noise and excitement generated as Ordonez took on the world's most exciting, road-legal cars through the roads of Dubai's exclusive International Marina Club.