Resonance Concept shows the future of the crossover, as Nissan sees it.
Resonance Concept shows the future of the crossover, as Nissan sees it.

Detroit Motor Show - Nissan is taking a bold step into the future of crossover design with its Resonance concept.

Word on the street is that the new concept hints at the design of the next-generation Murano crossover, which is due soon.

Penned at Nissan's California design studio in San Diego, it makes a bold statement from all angles. At the front we see a huge, truck-like grille flanked by boomerang-style headlights, while the back end sees a 'floating roof' design that reminds us of the Citroën DS5.

Fitted with 22-inch alloy wheels, it looks planted and ready to pounce - although it seems the engine equation is geared more towards economy than performance.

Nissan has not released any power or performance figures, but has stated that the Resonance is fitted with a hybrid powertrain that mates a 'smaller displacement' petrol engine with an electric motor.

The system channels power to all four wheels via Nissan's Xtronic continuously variable transmission.

When speaking of the interior, Nissan said its designers "imagined what the future of first-class space travel might be: welcoming yet exclusive and high-tech yet premium."

Occupants are greeted by sequential 'welcome lighting' and the driver is faced with graphically-layered infotainment and communication features.

In the words of Nissan's product strategy GM, Francois Bancon, "The Resonance interior reflects the enlightened modernity of today's crossover buyer, who values an amazing experience over traditional indulgence.

"The architecture of the cabin is open and structured. Like the exterior, it redefines and pushes the segment beyond convention."

The next Murano sure has a lot to live up to.