Nissan crosses Z with dune buggy

By IOL Time of article published Sep 15, 2015

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By: IOL Motoring Staff

Frankfurt Motor Show - There is a rumour doing its rounds, much to the dismay of purists, that Nissan is planning to expand its Z-car line-up to include at least one crossover vehicle.

That seems all the more plausible now, following the reveal of Nissan's radically-styled Gripz Concept. Inspired by classic rally cars like the Safari Rally winning 240Z of the early seventies, as well as by simple racing bicycles, Nissan says this concept heralds a "new breed of sporty compact crossover" for today's youth.

Then again, it could simply be nothing more than a radical concept car showing off some design cues that could make their way into future models, in toned down form, perhaps even the next-generation Juke in this case.

The concept blends a sports car-like silhouette with the higher ride height that you'd need to get to more adventurous destinations.

Nissan hasn't released any power or performance figures, but does mention a hybrid powertrain that mates a petrol engine to the Nissan Leaf's electric motor.

The vehicle has four-doors and no B-pillar, making it easy to enter and exit the 2+2-seat cabin.

But before you set off, just beware that Big Brother is most definitely watching. The headlights incorporate cameras that record every journey, sharing your road adventures with your online friends around the world, in real time via a live internet stream.

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